Knitting & Crochet Supplies

What is a craft without it’s supplies? Over the years I have used many kinds of craft supplies and later developed the skills to create some myself.

The process of creating tools is as rewarding as working on any knitting or crochet project. Sometimes, I will notice a small inconvenience or issue while crafting. That’s when my engineering brain will go into full gear mode, trying to figure out an efficient solution. An example of such a process are my knitting pins.

I have utilized my experience and skills to put together a well-curated offering of craft supplies. Here you will find: yarn kits featuring my knitting and crochet designs, yarn from my stash, cute handmade stitch markers, specialty knitting pins (see more info below!), hand-sewn project bags and a variety of other small tools.

I hope that you will find something that you like and that you can use in your own projects!

Yarn Kits

In this section I have put together a curated selection of designs and gathered all the materials you need to create them. You can choose between various knitting and crochet designs.

Each yarn kit contains a printed copy of the featured pattern and the yarn necessary to complete the project. The yarn kits are limited editions, therefore each set is available only in limited quantities. Browse through the various options to find your favorite!


Occasionally I need to clear out a part of my personal yarn stash due to space restrictions. In this section you will find high quality yarns, sold in large quantities (multiple skeins in each bundle) and at a discounted price. All are kept in a dry, smoke-free and pet-free environment.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are amazing! Not only do they look great on your knitting, they help you work complex techniques and avoid mistakes. They also eliminate constant counting of stitches! 🙂

I offer a variety of types of stitch markers, both for knitting and crochet. You will find fixed-ring markers and removable french-hook markers. All are made by hand with high quality materials.

Take a look at the various designs to find a great match for your next project!

Knitting Pins

Are you familiar with knitting pins? They are some nifty tools that help you knit in the Portuguese style. After research and practice, I developed two unique styles, one as a necklace and one as a magnet. They are easy to use and compact: they will fit in any notions pocket. Both styles are made by hand with high quality materials.

I have also made a video demonstrating how to use each tool.

Project Bags

Who doesn’t love a good project bag? No matter if you knit or crochet, having a nice project bag out of good quality fabric makes all the difference! A bag to transport the project easily and keep everything tucked in one place. 🙂

In this section, you will find an array of hand-sewn project bags in various styles and sizes. Browse through the items to find your favorite!

All kinds of tools

In this section you will find various tools, used for finishing, measuring and embellishing your projects.