Pomegranate Crochet Stitch Markers – set of 2

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The Pomegranate Crochet Stitch Markers are not-so-lightweight, but they will accompany you to the finest of your knitting & crochet hours. The markers can be used as earrings or as a lucky charm. In Greece we gift them in New Year’s for good luck.

The stitch markers fit needles up to size 4,5mm (US 7).

Crochet stitch markers have a great advantage: they can be inserted in any stitch or location in your work, which means that they can also be used in knitting, especially when one forgets to add a stitch marker or misplaces one but does not want to unravel their work. Very practical little things! (of course they can also be worn as earrings, when not used!)

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