Knitwear Design

My fascination with textiles started early; in 2007 I picked up the knitting needles for the first time. Learning to crochet followed soon after. Both have accompanied me through my university studies and professional career as a computer engineer.

I have published over 60 knitting and crochet designs with several contributions to Knitty magazine as well as collaborations with yarn companies such as Malabrigo, Rohrspatz & Wollmeise and Love Crafts.

For at least a decade, I had the chance to teach in two countries (Greece, Switzerland) and in three languages (Greek, English, German).

Currently I am working part-time for the yarn shop, fraukuhn.
Drawing experience from my professional career, I contribute to the development of the shop’s Business Strategy and long-term planning. I am leading the technical behind-the-scenes work, which involves Web & UX Design, Logistics, Analytics and Advertising.

I also offer classes and hands-on consultation to various textile-related questions.
Lastly, I work on exclusive knitting and crochet designs for the yarn shop as well as my own brand.


Below you will find a list of selected designs, created for pattern publication as well as personal use.

Photo courtesy of Romy Streit -
Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Here is a short list of selected knitting and crochet patterns from my published designs catalog. You can find the full list in my Ravelry Portfolio page.

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Imagine the perfect sock. A robust and warm pair of socks that will last for years. A pair that is so quick to make, you would use up your entire sock yarn stash within a few months. A pair that does not need constant upkeep and frequent mending.

Too good to be true? Absolutely not! We are talking about crochet socks!

Soojus is my absolute favourite pattern for socks.

Let me tell you why:

  • it is unbelievably quick and easy to make.
  • it makes robust and hard-wearing socks.
  • it makes it easy to keep track of rounds and work both socks at the same time.
  • it makes use of crochet’s 360 degree manoeuvrability to create a well-fitting heel.
  • it offers 7 sizes, a schematic and detailed measurements to help you choose the right size for the perfect fit.

Still skeptical about it?
I worked 8 pairs of socks for myself and others before I put the pattern on paper. I used a wide variety of sock yarns: light fingering, fingering, sport, with or without nylon. All of them have had few to no signs of wear and ZERO holes to fix.

Give it a try! You will not be disappointed.


Pattern Design & Photography: Asimina Saranti
Tech Editor: Spyretta Driva

Alipa Crochet Pattern


Ever since I created my first crochet bikini top, I envisioned a design that could be worked for any size. After a few years and testing on several people, I found a comfortable shape that can be used in various configurations. To complete the set, I also created a bikini bottom, that takes into account fuller behinds in it’s sizing.

There are 12 (!) sizes to choose from for the top, and 9 for the bottom.

Alipa uses an elastic microfiber yarn that produces a result similar to spandex. It is stretchy and provides a good fit, especially when wet.

Instructions are given in written abbreviated form and US crochet terminology.

Alipa (Αλίπα) is the name of a beach in the Palaiokastritsa region, in the island of Corfu in Greece.


Tech editor: Olympia Driva
Model: Jenny Kampanou
Photography & Graphic Design: Asimina Saranti


Hexaposi is a bag that was created by experimenting with hexagons and three-dimensional geometry. Playing around with different configurations, I ended up with a shape that can be used as a bag (as presented here) or if stuffed, as a toy, pillow, whatever you can think of!

Instructions include two different methods of joining the hexagons together. One method is seamless, the other with seams.

Kangaroo Rayon provides a lovely sheen and drape to the finished object. With other types of yarn, such as cotton and wool, the bag will hold it’s shape better.

Instructions are given in written abbreviated form and US terms.


Tech editor: Olympia Driva
Photography & Graphic Design: Asimina Saranti


There’s something mesmerising about how variegated yarn works up in crochet. Colours blend in beautiful ways with minimal-to-no pooling. Lyskamm makes use of a multicolour super bulky wool yarn to create a soft, but quite dense textured fabric. The cowl is worked from the top down in the round.

Instructions are given in written abbreviated form and US terms.

Tech editor: Olympia Driva
Photography & Graphic Design: Asimina Saranti


Kusafiri is a lightweight and airy shawlette that is fast and easy to knit. The colorblock effect is created using intarsia. Its peculiar shape is achieved with the use of simple increases and short rows. The garter stitch border prevents curling while the weight of the DK yarn is enough to give the shawlette a wonderful drape without blocking.

Kusafiri means ‘to travel’ in Swahili.

Tech editor: Olympia Driva
Photography & Graphic Design: Asimina Saranti


Alpstein is a stranded colorwork hat with a design that incorporates slipped, as well as purl stitches to create an interesting transition between colors.

Worked from the top-down and in the round, it is a great way to combine and use up stash leftovers.

Instructions are given in written abbreviated form.

The stranded colorwork section is given in chart only.

Pattern backstory and insights can be found here.

Tech editor: Olympia Driva
Model: Eleni Liakopoulou
Photography & Graphic Design: Asimina Saranti

Design Projects

Here is a gallery of selected design projects. Click on the image to see more images and project information (Ravelry link).

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