Our Story

For many years we have had a close contact with vintage and traditional items from many different countries. Recently, we decided to take the next step and move from collecting a few special pieces, to opening our own shop and giving the opportunity to people from all around the world to experience unique and historic items.

In coordination with our vintage items, we also offer handmade ones, that are created with great attention to detail and care.

Our vintage items are sourced from many different parts of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Depending on the item, you might find genuine Afghan tribal jewelry, traditional and rare items from Indonesia, Tibet or Papua new Guinea to high-end 90’s fashion designer clothing.

Some of these items, we get as old stock of shops that close down or from collectors that give away some parts of their collections.
Not all items come with details or a story, but we try to research every one of them as best as we can. We only choose items that are of very good or excellent quality!

Also much of the jewelry that is made by us, uses old and beautiful pieces, vintage or handmade materials. We note their origin, whenever we know it. For extra details that might skip our mind, feel free to contact us with questions!


Admin, Designer, Photographer

In her 20s, she is studying Computer Engineering. She is passionate about travelling, foreign languages, knitting & crochet.


Designer & Curator

The super-duper mother that has a great talent in creating beautiful jewellery and spotting unique vintage and handmade items.


Editor, Model

Computer Engineering Student that loves fashion, painting and creative people. Still searching the world to find her ideal place.



Mechanical Engineering student, that keeps balancing maths and art in a daily basis. Likes to wake up early and the smell of an old book. The ideal gift for her would be an one-way ticket to a random place around the world.