Portrait of Asimina Saranti


my name is Asimina Saranti. For many years I have had a close contact with vintage and traditional items from many different countries. A few years ago, I decided to take the next step and move from collecting a few special pieces, to opening my own shop and giving the opportunity to people from all around the world to experience unique and historic items.

This led to a successful Etsy shop as well as the creation of this standalone website, which I run while studying for my Masters degree. Since graduating and getting a full time job as a Computer Engineer, I struggled to keep up with maintaining both shops. Eventually I closed the Etsy shop and decided not to acquire more vintage items.

The remaining vintage items are available here for sale. They are sourced from many different parts of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Depending on the item, you might find genuine Afghan tribal jewelry, traditional and rare items from Indonesia or Tibet to high-end 90’s fashion designer clothing.

Some of these items, I have acquired as old stock of shops that closed down or from collectors that gave away some parts of their collections. Not all items come with details or a story, but I try to research every one of them as best as I can. I only choose items that are of very good or excellent quality.

In coordination with the vintage items, I also offer handmade ones, that are created with great attention to detail and care. The jewelry uses old and beautiful pieces, vintage or handmade materials. The knitted/crocheted items are often the result of my personal exploration of various techniques of the fiber arts.

I try my best to make good use of existing materials during the making process as well as during packaging, in an effort to reuse-reduce-recycle and minimize the demand for new materials.

Enjoy the tour!