The Red Cashmere Headband

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This Red Cashmere Headband was a truly inspired project. While I was working on the conventionally shaped headband, an idea popped into my mind. How would it be if I attached a small peplum on the top? A bit reminiscent of formal-wear peplums worn in very special occasions, such as weddings. The result? a super fun and alternative piece. The peplum can be worn open and loose over the head, or it can be knotted in a variety of ways to provide some volume and additional structure on the top of the head. This was made just for fun, and I love the result!

The fabric of the headband is soft and warm, a result of blending soft cashmere, merino and alpaca, while adding some nylon for strength and longevity.

Circumference: 46 cm / 18.4 inches
Width: 11 cm / 4.4 inches

Made to fit head of 56 cm / 22.5 inches

Materials: The headband is made by holding two yarns together. The thicker yarn is made out of: 75% Cashmere goat, 25% Merino. The thinner yarn is made out of: 54% Alpaca, 24% Nylon, 22% Merino

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water (20-30 degrees Celsius)

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