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  • easy to care for – machine washable

  • high quality cotton

  • soft and lacy

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“This crochet lace bra was one of the crazy ideas I had back in 2010. It is comfortable and quite chic under see through shirts or as a middle ground between a bra and a bikini top.” Asimina

This version is made with lighter yarn that the rest of the tops. More lightweight and therefore more suitable as underwear.

LIMITED EDITION: this crochet lace bra won’t be repeated

Materials: Made out of 100% cotton.
Care: Machine washable. Detailed care instructions will be included with the crochet lace bra.
Size: Medium
H: 21 cm / 8.2”
W: 19 cm / 7.4”
neck straps length(apprx): 50 cm / 19.6 inches
bust strap length(apprx): 1.50 cm / 59 inches

> The neck straps are sewn on the each motif and are approximately 50 cm in length. Only the bust strap is replaceable <

== Note about sizing ==
As seen in last picture, the H,W values should match your own measurements, which are taken while wearing your most comfortable bra. W covers the cup bottom width and H the length from the bottom of the cup until a few cm above where a classic bra ends. If you own a triangle bra/top, use that for measuring your size.
If you still have difficulties figuring out which size you need, contact us and we will help!


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